Traffic Box Art Program

Call for Artists 2014 - Click Here

In partnership with the City of St. John’s and local corporate sponsors, the Clean St. John’s Traffic Box Art Program hires local artists to paint murals on newly installed or replaced traffic control boxes found at intersections throughout the city. The boxes provide a desirable canvas for public art because they are highly visible to both pedestrians and road traffic, and brighten up otherwise plain corners of our City!


Click our interactive map below for locations, photos, and information about each of our painted traffic boxes!


Each year citizens and visitors are exposed to the creative work of local artists enhancing civic pride and beautification. Through honorariums and exposure, the program helps support our cultural economy, and artists have positive experiences of painting outdoors while receiving positive feedback from passersby.

The artwork has also been successful at reducing unwanted graffiti and “tagging” on the traffic boxes. This has become a very popular program with artists and the public alike, and to date over 40 traffic boxes have been beautified through this program.

If you are interested in sponsoring a painted traffic box, or are an artist and interested in participating in our Traffic Box Program please contact us for more information at!