Sponsorship Opportunities

Our litter clean-up and beautification initiatives cannot happen without the support of our sponsors. Clean St. John’s is seeking committed organizations to become sponsors for our various initiatives.

With each sponsorship comes substantial recognition as an organization that truly cares about our city and our environment. Each initiative has something unique to offer but they all share a common goal, making St. John’s a litter-free city.

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Sponsorship Opportunity

Traffic Box Art Program

The Traffic Box Art Program, launched by Clean St. John’s in 2012, is one of our most exciting and visible contributions to the beautification of the City of St. John’s. In partnership with the City, the Program hires local artists to paint murals on newly installed or replaced traffic control boxes found at intersections throughout the City. Since 2012, Clean St. John’s has overseen the painting of almost 30 traffic boxes, with the eventual goal being to paint all 100+ traffic boxes in the City.

Each traffic box provides a desirable canvas for public art because they are highly visible to both pedestrians and road traffic. Artists have positive experiences of painting outdoors while receiving positive feedback from passers-by. Further, citizens and visitors alike are exposed to the creative work of local artists enhancing civic pride and beautification, and through honorariums and exposure for the artists, the program helps support our cultural economy.

The artwork has also been successful at reducing unwanted graffiti and tagging on the traffic boxes, which is a major goal of Clean St. John’s.

This program has become very popular with artists and the public alike, and sponsors of this program have received very positive feedback in years past. This summer, Clean St. John’s will continue with the Traffic Box Art Program and complete at least eight more traffic boxes, each supported by a sponsor.

Our Sponsors

Donovan Homes
NL Housing
Tim Hortons
St Johns
Newfoundland Power