The Clean St. John’s Graffiti Management Program

What is it?
The Clean St. John’s Graffiti Management Plan seeks to support graffiti art and other street art that adds vibrancy and artistry to our streets while balancing the need to eliminate graffiti vandalism, which can have a detrimental impact on property owners and neighborhoods.

What is the difference between graffiti art and graffiti vandalism?

  • Graffiti art, which is a legal and acceptable form of street art, can be differentiated from “tagging”, which is generally characterized by writing as an act of vandalism.
  • Graffiti Vandalism can be defined as any deliberate markings made or affixed on property that is not currently exempted or regularized by the City of St. John’s; was made or affixed without permission of the owner; is considered to be a tag; for which there are reasonable grounds to believe that it may incite hatred or violence against any person or identifiable group; or contains profane vulgar or offensive language.
  • Graffiti vandalism harms local residents, organizations, businesses and property owners. Graffiti includes inscriptions, slogans or drawings placed on public or private walls or other outdoor surfaces.
  • Graffiti vandalism is a criminal offence when placed on public or private property without the owner’s consent. Even if done with permission, it must conform to the City’s community standards for acceptable forms of art. Otherwise the property owner may be required to remove the graffiti under the Community Standards Section

Negative Effects of Graffiti Vandalism:

  • Promotes a perception in the community that laws protecting public and private property can be disregarded with impunity.
  • Fosters a sense of disrespect for private property that may result in increasing crime, community degradation and urban blight.
  • Creates a nuisance that can adversely affect property values, business opportunities and the enjoyment of community life.
  • Property owners must spend time and money to clean up the vandalism.
  • Discriminatory or hateful messages hurt individuals and identifiable groups.
  • Vandalism makes our city less attractive to visitors, business and investment.
  • Property damage and petty crime affect our sense of security and pride in our city.

To learn more about how graffiti vandalism impacts you, please refer to the Resource Guide for Homeowners and Businesses, issued by the RNC.

Alternatively, please fill out the simple form below to submit report to us and Clean St. John’s will submit to the City on your behalf.

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