Litter Prevention

What is Litter?

Litter is the improper disposal of garbage, and it is a huge problem in the City of St. John’s. Along every street, around every corner, litter can be found. Not only is litter unsightly, it can have serious environmental consequences, polluting our local waterways, parks, alleyways, and walking trails.


Why Do People Litter?

While some people intentionally choose to drop their garbage on the ground, much of the litter found in our city is actually the result of improper disposal. You’ve probably noticed in your neighbourhood there is far less litter compared to public spaces, walking trails and sidewalks. There is often a lack of ownership in these spaces, with people thinking it’s simply not their responsibility.

Unfortunately, people are much more likely to litter in a litter-filled space and so continues the cycle. By way of contract, a respected, litter-free space discourages the act of littering.


Creating Change

At Clean St. John’s, we are committed to inspiring community pride. Through our community initiatives, education programs and awareness campaigns, we encourage residents and businesses to take pride in their neighbhourhood and do their part to create change.

In addition to the Clean St. John’s annual Pick It Up Clean Up campaign, all throughout the year we work diligently to change attitudes and educate people of all ages about the importance of respecting our environment. Check out our initiatives here.


How Can You Help?

Start by making a commitment to the environment and our beautiful city, and choose not to litter.  Want to do more? Use your voice and encourage others to join you in your commitment. Get involved and use your influence to effect change.


Organize a Pick It Up Clean Up

Take it to the next level by choosing to help pick up litter in your neighbourhood. Register your clean up here.


Anti-Litter Campaign

#litterskeets are trashing our city, leaving a mess wherever they go. If you spot litter, let us know. Tweet, post, or Instagram your #litterskeet pics. St. John’s is your city. Pick up for it.

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