About Clean St. John’s

Clean St. John’s is committed to inspiring community pride and action for a clean and beautiful St. John’s. To protect and restore our urban surroundings through community involvement and to instill a greater sense of pride and ownership for our city streets, parks, and trails. The mandate of Clean St. John’s is to create and promote a litter-free city through action, advocacy, education, and the recognition of citizens, businesses and organizations who take pride in their city.

Clean St. John’s started as St. John’s Clean and Beautiful, a committee of citizens concerned with the beautification of the downtown core. The organization was incorporated as a non-profit as a result of a resolution adopted by St. John’s City Council on April 8, 1991. As a city-wide program, co-ordinating efforts to reduce litter and organize beautification projects, the volunteer Board of Directors aimed to create a spirit of pride in our city, with a goal of St. John’s becoming one of the most attractive cities in North America.

For over 25 years, Clean St. John’s has been committed to creating public awareness, inspiring accountability, and involving the community in the cleanliness and beauty of our city. The dedicated promotion of working together and encouraging individual responsibility has made this happen. This, in turn, has fostered economic investment, increased property values, and contributed to safety and order.

In recent years, the organization has taken a more direct marketing and increased advocacy approach and has become the conscience for a cleaner St. John’s through community cleanups, continued beautification throughout the city, and active outreach and education campaigns in schools.


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Our Pillars



Through our many initiatives, we take action to prevent and reduce litter, beautify our city and improve attitudes that will lead to a cleaner St. John’s.



We advocate for a clean and beautiful city that is free from litter and unwanted graffiti and tagging.



We believe an educated community that is well versed in the damage caused by litter and unwanted graffiti is best positioned to solve these problems now and in the future.



We recognize the contributions of the many organizations, businesses and citizens who take action to support a clean and beautiful city.

Our Committees

  • Cigarette Butt Awareness Campaign Committee
    Cigarette Butt Awareness Campaign Committee will partner with various environmental advocacy groups to eliminate cigarette butt waste in St. John’s. Members: Jamie O’Dea Lilia Jackman Monica Moody Janie Piller Karla...
  • Litter Prevention Campaign Committee
    The Litter Prevention Campaign Committee handles the advertising implementation of our Litter Prevention Campaign. Members: Gary Burt Samantha Mackey Karen Hickman...
  • Marketing and Communications Committee
    The purpose of the Marketing and Communications committee is to create overall marketing and communications strategies and plans for Clean St. John’s, develop policies and procedures, manage advertising and promotion,...
  • Traffic Box Art Program Committee
    This committee coordinates the Traffic Box Art Program. This initiative hires local artists to paint murals on traffic control boxes found at intersections throughout the city. Each year citizens and...
  • Youth Engagement Committee
    The mission of the Youth Engagement Committee is to foster awareness among youth about issues related to litter, graffiti, and the environment; and to inspire pride and action for a...
  • Clean Up Campaign Committee
    The mission of the Spring Clean Up Campaign sub-committee is to encourage residents, businesses, schools, and community groups to organize clean up events in St. John’s. Members: Gary Burt Samantha...

Our Board of Directors

Our complete list of Directors is available here: