Traffic Box Art Program

(St. John’s) Wednesday, July 19, 2017 – Clean St. John’s and its sponsor, City of St. John’s are pleased to announce the start of this year’s Traffic Box Art Program.

This is the sixth year that visitors and citizens of St. John’s will have the pleasure of seeing the creative process at work, as local visual artists paint beautiful art on traffic boxes at intersections throughout the city. Keep a look out over the next week for artists on Torbay Road, Prince Philip Drive, Stavanger Drive and downtown. This project has been successful at enhancing civic pride and beautification, while reducing unwanted graffiti and tagging on traffic
boxes – the program has become very popular with artists and the public alike.

Clean St. John’s wishes to thank the City of St. John’s for their fantastic support this year; without their commitment this initiative would not be possible.

Clean St. John’s is a voluntary non-profit organization committed to creating and promoting a litter-free city. We are dedicated to the promotion of community partnerships and individual responsibility that leads to improving the quality of life and contributing to a healthier environment for the residents of St. John’s.

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Media contact:
Karen Hickman, Executive Director
Clean St. John’s
w.709-570- 0350