Litter Timeline Press Release

(St. John’s) Friday, November 8, 2013– The Litter Timeline is a pilot project developed and administered by the St. John’s Clean and Beautiful Youth Engagement Committee. This committee is focused on fostering awareness among students about issues related to litter, graffiti, and the environment.

The Little Timeline is an educational tool that will assist youth aged 12-14 better understand the amount of time different types of litter requires to biodegrade. By taking various household items and asking students to estimate how long the items take to biodegrade, and then physically placing the item on the timeline, this activity-based approach will allow students to understand the concept of biodegrading better. The increased level of involvement the Litter Timeline invokes will increase comprehension for the students compared to traditional learning initiatives.

“Changing attitudes among youth is crucial to creating a clean St. John’s. We believe that by educating youth about the negative impact litter has will lead to values that will cause a more clean and beautiful St. John’s to prosper. I am excited to see how this project is received by the students of St. Paul’s Junior High School, and want to congratulate the Youth Engagement committee on what an excellent job they have done on this project.”

The Litter Timeline is being piloted by grade 7 students at St. Paul’s Junior High School on Tuesday, November 12th and Wednesday, November 13th. This pilot program will allow the Youth Engagement Committee to access and enhance the timeline for an eventual rollout throughout St. John’s area schools.

St. John’s Clean & Beautiful is voluntary non-profit organization committed to creating public awareness, ownership, and involving the community in the cleanliness and beautification of our city. The dedicated promotion of partnership, working together and individual responsibility make this happen. This in turn, fosters economic investment, increases property values, and contributes to safety. Improving the quality of life and contributing to a healthier environment for the residents of St. John’s.


Media contact: Karen Hickman, Executive Director, St. John’s Clean and Beautiful 709-570-0350,